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How to become a member

Becoming a member is easy.Contact Pete on 07904902470 with your name, Email and phone number and he will send you a members invite and raise a members card for you with your uniques Members code on the back.You will be emailed a picture cope of your membership card and your card will be sent out to you in the post.

How do I put Credit on my membership card to use to book and pay for massage

Again..Contact Pete via text or call on 07904902470 and he will take your toptup over the phone and add it to your unique code so when your ready you can book and pay for your massage.Once you have used all the credit on your card,simply contact us to add more credit if desired.Massages booked with the card will be at £50 a massage instead of £55 as a Thankyou from us as a valued member.As a member you can also present the card on arrival and get £5 off your massage treatment on arrival.

Can I request a members card preloaded with massage credit as a gift

Yes you can. Just contact Pete with the details and we will get it in the post to the person requested

Existing site members please test Pete on 07904902470 to provide address details to receive your membership card in the post and start looking forward to you next amazing massage.

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